The FENS Forum is Europe’s largest international neuroscience conference, covering all domains in modern brain research from basic to translational research.

The Forum represents a unique opportunity for neuroscientists from around the world to gather together and enjoy excellent science in one of Europe’s most vibrant cities.

Europe’s premier neuroscience meeting

Founded in 1998 at the first Forum of European Neuroscience, the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS) is the main organisation for neuroscience in Europe. As an international organisation, federating over 21,000 neuroscientists across 44 national and single-discipline societies in 33 European countries, FENS works to promote all aspects of neuroscience, through education, outreach and scientific exchange.

FENS promotes neuroscience research to policy-makers, funding bodies and the general public, both regionally and internationally. Hence, FENS promotes excellence in neuroscience research and facilitates exchanges and networking between neuroscientists within the European Research Area and beyond.

FENS activities include five broad areas:

  • Scientific meetings
  • Higher education and training
  • The European Journal of Neuroscience (EJN)
  • Outreach & Advocacy
  • Member Societies

Visit the main FENS website to learn more about the Federation:

The Forum in Numbers:

As the premier international meeting in the field, the FENS Forum brings together everything you need on neuroscience in one place:

Days of learning and connecting

International neuroscientists

Posters across 200 topics

Abstract topics

International speakers

Plenary and special lectures

Scientific symposia

Technical workshops

Your invitation to the FENS Forum 2022:

We hope you will join us in Paris, France, from 9-13 July 2022.