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Please be aware that there are several websites impersonating as the FENS Forum 2022 website, as well as fraudulent registration, accommodation providers, claiming to be connected to the Forum. They can be very professional looking and may use online advertising to appear at the top of search results.

Additionally, there have been fraudulent emails claiming to offer registration, hotel services or attendee lists. We would like to alert all members, delegates and exhibitors to be aware of possible scams, and only use trusted online services for bookings

The only way to access the FENS Forum 2022 registration and accommodation pages will be via links on the FENS Forum website or from the official FENS Forum organisers.

Domains of Websites and Emails to Be Wary of

FENS does not advise you to undertake business transactions with the following:

  • ehotelservices.org / support@ehotelservices.org
  • cathy.miller@ownb2bleads.com

If you are concerned that you might have been targeted by a fraudulent site, please email us via the Contact Us page.

We look forward to seeing you in Paris!