Our “Bridging the knowledge” sessions are an opportunity to allow our attendees to discover your company, products, and research!

Price: EUR 15,000 + VAT

Special price for non-for-profit organisations is possible, please contact the Industry Liaison and Sales associate for more details.

We invite you to organise a session intended to bridge the ‘know-how’ between labs and research teams of commercial companies and our audience.  You are welcome to present your research questions and challenges and get different points of view from leading neuroscientists as well as upcoming young creative brains. You can set the stage according to your own questions and with the aim to generate new knowledge.

FENS truly believes that this interaction may provide a basis for developing our field further and stimulate new trustful relationships throughout the knowledge generation, from basic over-applied to clinical development.

  • The session is a part of the scientific programme
  • The program will have to be approved by FENS in a procedure provided upon finalising your support package
  • The session will be included in the official Forum program including the supporter’s name, session title, and list of speakers
  • Enables you to directly engage with the attendees
  • Up to 90 minutes
  • Various time slots, evening time slots can include an evening cocktail as well

Are you interested in maximizing the interest in your Bridging the Knowledge session? Here are a few promotional opportunities to help you with that:

Please note that a surcharge of EUR 400 will apply for last-minute changes or for submitting your forum materials after the deadline which will be provided by the Industry Coordinator upon signing the agreement.