The FENS 2022 plenary lectures and special lectures will bring you the very latest neuroscience updates, from leading international experts.

Take a look at the sessions and speakers below and start planning your Forum schedule.

Saturday, 9 July PL01 – Fred Kavli Opening Lecture (18:00-19:00)

Neurobiology of social and sickness behaviours. Catherine Dulac (US)

Sunday, 10 July PL02 – Plenary Lecture (08:30-09:30)

From memory to gut microbes: an unexpected path to discovery. Mauro Costa-Mattioli (US)

PL03 – Plenary Lecture (17:30-18:30)

   Huntington’s disease: From neurodevelopment to neurodegeneration.  Sandrine Humbert (FR)

Monday, 11 July PL04 – Hertie Foundation Lecture (08:30-09:30)

Assembly and operation of the neocortex. Song-Hai Shi (CN)

PL05 – Presidential Lecture (17:30-18:30)

The molecular logic of synapse formation. Thomas C. Südhof  (US)

Tuesday, 12 July PL06 – Plenary Lecture (08:30-09:30)

Hungry brains and clever guts. Irene Miguel-Aliaga (UK) 

PL07 – TCCI Plenary Lecture (17:30-18:30)

Learning with dendrites in brains and machines. Panayiota Poirazi (GR)

Wednesday, 13 July PL08 – ERA-NET NEURON Lecture (08:30-09:30)

Developmental cognitive neuroscience in the era of big data. Damien Fair (US)

PL09 – Closing  Plenary Lecture (13:00-14:00)

Organisation of neural activity across the brain. Matteo Carandini (UK)

Special Lectures

Saturday, 9 July SL01 – FENS – EJN Awards Lectures (13:30-15:00)

Immunotherapy to beat Alzheimer’s disease: A transformative understanding of neurodegenerative diseases. Michal Schwartz (IL)

Towards understanding adaptive biological intelligence with deep learning. Mackenzie Mathis (CH)

Uncovering how inhibitory brain circuits regulate behaviour. Sara Mederos (UK)

Mapping neuronal and vascular networks in transparent brains. Nicolas Renier (FR)

Somatosensory neuroprostheses: Connect the brain to bionic limbs. Giacomo Valle (CH)

Sunday, 10 July SL02 – The Brain Prize Lectures 2021 (13:30-15:00)

Site of action of drugs blocking CGRP signalling in migraine. Lars Edvinsson (SW)


Calcitonin gene-related peptide in cluster headache. Peter Goadsby (UK/US)


Trigeminovascular System as a Migraine Target: How did it begin and when will it end? Michael Moskowitz (US)


Translating migraine molecular mechanisms from man to animal. Jes Olesen (DK)

SL03 – Eric Kandel Prize Lecture & Scientific Award Ceremony (13:30-14:15)
Organization and computation in neural circuits during development. Julijana Gjorgijeva (DE)

SL04 – EDAB Special Lecture on Neuroethics (13:30-14:15)

Neuroethics and AI ethics: towards a productive interaction. Arleen Salles (SW/AR)

Monday, 11 July SL05 – Host Society Special Lecture (13:30-14:15)

Development of multiciliated cells. Nathalie Spassky (FR)

SL06 – EDAB Max Cowan Special Lecture (13:30-14:15).

From primate anatomy to human neuroimaging: Linking circuits to psychiatry. Suzanne Haber (US)

SL07 – Boehringer Ingelheim FENS Research Award Lecture  (13:30-14:15)

The evolution of computation in the brain – insights from studying the retina. Tom Baden (UK)

Heterosynaptic plasticity emerging from molecular interactions in dendrites. Tatjana Tchumatchenko (DE)

Tuesday, 12 July SL08 –  The EBBS Special Lecture (13:30-14:15)

Flexible inferences in the prefrontal hippocampal circuitry. Timothy Behrens (UK)

SL09 – IBRO – Kemali Prize Lecture (13:30-14:15). From stem cells to brain assembloids: Constructing and deconstructing the human nervous system. Sergiu Pasca (US) 

SL10 – Chica and Heinz Schaller Foundation Award Lecture (13:30-14:15)

First clinical trials in vision restoration José-Alain Sahel (FR)
A circuit model for addiction opening the road to translational research. Christian Lüscher (CH)

Wednesday, 13 July SL11 –  EJN Special Feature (11:30-12:30)

Sleep-wake cycles shape proteome and phosphoproteome dynamics in brain. Maria Robles (DE)

Calcium-independent astrocytic lipid release modulates neuronal excitability. Nathan A. Smith (US)

SL12 – ERA-NET Neuron Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Lecture

Molecular biomarkers for stroke. Steffen Tiedt (DE)

SL13 – ALBA-Elsevier Award Lecture on Brain Sciences (11:30-12:30)

Neural circuits for multisensory integration and perceptual decisions. Seung-Hee Lee (KR)

Post-transcriptional regulation of the microtubule associated protein TAU: Functional consequences and therapeutic perspectives. Maria Elena Avale (AR)