Half-day poster presentations take place in the Poster Area of the exhibition hall from Sunday through Wednesday, 10-13 Jul​y.

Authors are requested to be in attendance at their poster for discussion, as scheduled below:

S​​​unday, 10 July – Tuesday, 12 July 
09:30 – 13:00 Morning poster session
11:30 – 13:00 All authors of morning posters in attendance
13:00 – 14:00 Poster switch period
14:00 – 17:30 Afternoon poster session
14:00 – 15:30 All authors of afternoon posters in attendance
Wednesday, 13 July
09:30 – 13:00 Morning poster session
11:30 – 13:00​ All authors of morning posters in attendance

The poster board size is 184 cm wide X 108 cm high (landscape format). Please create your poster so that it fits this poster board size.

Posters can be affixed by double-sided adhesive tape, available near your poster board.

Posters should be mounted at 8:00 am for morning presentations and between 13:00 till 14:00 pm for afternoon presentations.

During the mounting periods, assistance may be obtained from the Poster Assistance desk, where adhesive tape will be available.

Removal: Material from the morning sessions must be removed imperatively at 13:00. At 13:05 this will be announced centrally. Please respect this quick removal so that the afternoon poster presenters may mount their material. Material from the afternoon sessions must be removed after 17:30.

Sessions were organised in collaboration with worldwideneuro, and supported by state-of-the-art machine learning analysis, providing a timely contribution to this core component of the FENS Forum. Our methodology leveraged machine-extracted semantic comprehension of abstracts against author-selected themes, topics, and subtopics to allow the comparison of the resulting individual embeddings of our record-breaking 4000+ abstract submissions. This facilitated their grouping into coherent and topically balanced sessions. The final programme was reviewed and approved by the Programme Committee. The Programme Committee thanks Panos Bozelos and Tim Vogels (ISTAustria) for their contribution. For a more detailed description of our methods and a discussion of the results, please visit our poster at FENS2022. 

The poster overview may be seen here.

Presenters will receive a dedicated link to upload their e-posters for the app via email in May 2022.
Deadline to upload extended to: 3 July 2022, 17:00 CEST 

Technical specification for E-Poster preparation
Please submit your E-Poster as a PDF file in landscape orientation.

  • File Format: PDF file – 1 page is recommended
  • Orientation: Please create your document in PowerPoint in Landscape Layout 16×9 and Save it as a PDF file
  • Font types: Arial, Calibri, Verdana Times New Roman or Helvetica
  • Font size: > 11
  • Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and embedded videos are not permitted
  • QR Codes may be included
  • Images and tables: at least 200 dpi. Good picture quality is essential.
  • When inserting images, photos, tables, etc., use copy-paste. Do not use embedded documents
  • Avoid overlapping objects and layers. Only the final view/status will be visible
  • When saving your PDF please do not use symbols or special characters (ie. +/@/ü) in the file name
  • File size: Less than 5 MB
  • If you wish, you may use a template that can be downloaded HERE