The FENS Forum 2022 features a series of Special Interest Events (SiE) which offer a different way of looking at neuroscience, aimed at those working in the field and the wider public.

SiE06 – Why should I publish my paper in a society-owned journal?

10 July, 12:00-12:45
How can you get your paper published? The editors of EJN, the official journal of FENS, and Neuroscience, the official journal of IBRO, will take you through the submission process and explain the importance of publishing in a society journal.


SiE10 – Why fake news is so fascinating to the brain

11 July – 12:00-12:45

This event aims to discuss and try to understand the context in which fake-news develop, the basis for behaviours associated with fake-news and the brain areas and neurotransmitters associated with those behaviours.


SiE12 – Paper mill articles in neuroscience

11 July – 18:45-20:30

This Special Interest Event aims to present the latest facts on paper mills articles in neuroscience, discuss possibilities to detect these constructed manuscripts and prevent them from being published.


SiE15 – Science communication: methods, media and making neuroscience meaningful

12 July – 12:00-12:45

A panel of science communication experts will debate their different approaches to communicate to a range of audiences: art, books, podcasts, meetups, TV and radio shows, social media, etc… Why did they choose this specific platform? Which audience(s) is the most receptive to it?


SiE17 – Ten things you can do today to increase and promote diversity in your neuroscience journal

12 July, 12:00-12:45

Representatives from EJN and the ALBA Network will answer questions focusing on diversity and targeted at journal editors, publishers, authors and contributors. As a deliverable of this event, guidelines on how to make journals more inclusive and a related editorial in EJN will be published.