The FENS 2022 symposia will bring you the very latest neuroscience updates, from leading international experts.

Take a look at the sessions and speakers below and start planning your Forum schedule.

All symposia will start with a 2 minute introduction, followed by 18 minute talks. After each talk there will be a 4 minute Q&A section.

Sunday, 10 July S08 – Hall A – Neuronal network and synaptic dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease (09:45 – 11:15) –
Jorge Palop, Silvia Viana da Silva, Martin Fuhrmann, Annabelle Singer

S04 – Hall B – Smell, cell-by-cell (09:45 – 11:15)
Sandeep Robert Datta, Alexander Fleischmann, Marcela Lipovsek, Koen Van den Berge

S03 – Hall C – Psychedelic effects without psychedelic experience (09:45 – 11:15)
Kim Kuypers, Scott Thompson, Lindsay Cameron, Rafael Moliner

S07 – Hall D – Neuroimaging approaches to understanding adolescent mental health: opportunities for intervention (09:45 – 11:15)
Sophia Frangou, Heather Whalley, Marieke Bos, Ryan Muetzel

S05 – Hall E – Neuromodulation of Perceptual Decision-Making (09:45 – 11:15)
Armin Lak, Kenneth Kishida, Katharina Schmack, Matthew McGinley

S01 – Hall F – The links between neural circuit development, human brain evolution and diseases (09:45 – 11:15)
Ryohei Iwata, Aparna Bhaduri, Alessandro Vitriolo, Ewoud Schmidt

S02 – Hall G – The cerebral cortex challenge: generating many cell types from distinct sources in a restricted time (09:45 – 11:15)
Arnold Kriegstein, Tanja Vogel, Matthew Holt, Karine Loulier

S06 – Hall H – Go with the flow! Choroid plexus mechanisms shape brain function in health and disease (09:45 – 11:15)
Annarita Patrizi, Jean-Francois Ghersi-Egea, Fiona Doetsch, Roosmarijn Vandenbroucke

S09 – Hall C – The emergence of function in developing cortical circuits (15:45 – 17:15)
Ileana Hanganu-Opatz, Natalia de Marco Garcia, Carlos Portera-Cailliau, Oscar Marin

S13 – Hall B – Episodic Time (15:45 – 17:15)
Edvard Moser, Christian Doeller, Cornelia McCormick, Virginie van Wassenhove

S10 – Hall F – Neural Stem Cells in the Adult Vertebrate Brain (15:45 – 17:15)
Isabel Fariñas, Luca Bonfanti, Laure Bally-Cuif, Diego García-González

S16 – Hall D – Causal interactions between neuromodulators and corticostriatal circuits in decision making (15:45 – 17:15)
Ilana Witten, Dougal Tervo, Nima Khalighinejad, Hanneke den Ouden

S12 – Hall E – Statistical learning and pattern recognition for natural behaviour in mice (15:45 – 17:15)
Livia de Hoz, Robert Froemke, Jeffrey Gavornik, Catherine Perrodin

S11- Hall A – Revisiting Dale’s Principle- Neurotransmitter plasticity and co- transmission in health and disease (15:45 – 17:15)
Adam Granger, Jing Ren, Thomas Steinkellner, Swetha Godavarthi

S15 – Hall G – Hybrid and multifunctional approaches to study neuralcircuits (15:45 – 17:15)
Bernardo Sabatini, Duygu Kuzum, Ilka Diester, Filippo Pisano

S14 – Hall H – Vascular hypotheses for understanding and restoring memory impairments (15:45 – 17:15)
Joanna Wardlaw, Cecile Duplaà, Fabrice Dabertrand, Axel Montagne

Monday, 11 July S18 – Hall C – Capturing human brain circuit development and disease mechanisms with stem cell-based technologies (09:45 – 11:15)
Flora Vaccarino, Madeline Lancaster, Silvia Cappello, Vincenzo De Paola

S19 – Hall B – Integration of top-down information in cortical layer 1 and its contribution to behavior (09:45 – 11:15)
Andreas Keller, Leopoldo Petreanu, Johannes Letzkus, Mattia Aime

S22 – Hall F – Glia: crucial regulators of circadian rhythms and sleep (09:45 – 11:15)
Marco Brancaccio, Olga Barca Mayo, Rune Enger, Lauren Hablitz

S24 – Hall D – Neural mechanisms of epilepsy (09:45 – 11:15)
Emre Yaksi, Laura Ewell, Esther Krook-Magnuson, Gabriele Lignani

S23 – Hall E – The function(s) of the claustrum: attention, salience, sleep, all of the above, or something else? (09:45 – 11:15)
Solange Brown, Alan Carleton, Mar Reus-Garcia, Lorenz August Fenk

S21 – Hall A – Genetically dissecting neurobiology of social collaboration in humans, macaques and rodents (09:45 – 11:15)
Jack van Honk, ChengYu Li, Ron Stoop, Sara Freda

S17 – Hall G – Development and Evolution of Bilateral Sensory Circuits (09:45 – 11:15)
Marta Nieto, Olivier Collignon, Eloisa Herrera, Filippo Del Bene

S20 – Hall H – Not just insulation: Oligodendrocyte function and myelination in brain plasticity and behavior (09:45 – 11:15)
Paola Arlotta, Iiris Hovatta, Hannelore Ehrenreich, María Cecilia Angulo

S32 – Hall A – Understanding the formation of spatial representations: from synapses to circuits (15:45 – 17:15)
Marlene Bartos, Judit Makara, Matthew Nolan, Christine Grienberger

S29 – Hall B – The basal ganglia sensory domain through tail of the striatum: reward, threat and sensory filtering (15:45 – 17:15)
Roeper Jochen, Emmanuel Valjent, Mitsuko Watabe-Uchida, Sebastian Kruettner

S27 – Hall C – Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in physiology and pathology (15:45 – 17:15)
Juan Encinas, Thomas Larrieu, Nora Abrous, Maria Llorens-Martín

S26 – Hall D – Vulnerabilities of the developing neocortex to maternal inflammation: from progenitors to circuits (15:45 – 17:15)
Claudia Buss, Melissa Bauman, Anthony C Vernon, Navneet Vasistha

S28 – Hall E – Multisensory integration and space representation in humans and monkeys (15:45 – 17:15)
Stefan Schaffelhofer, Rossella Breveglieri, Tobias Heed, Suliann Ben Hamed

S31 – Hall F – Intracellular dynamics and neurodegeneration (15:45 – 17:15)
Patrik Verstreken, Susanne Wegmann, Subhojit Roy, Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne

S30 – Hall G – Novel insights into the neurobiology of stress vulnerability and resilience (15:45 – 17:15)
Freddy Jeanneteau, Laurence Coutellier, Virginie Rappeneau, Stefan Reber

S25 – Hall H – Encoding in neurons and beyond: applications in machine learning (15:45 – 17:15)
Wulfram Gerstner, Andrew Saxe, Carsen Stringer, Jonathan Cornford

Tuesday, 12 July S40 – Hall A – Transgenerational epigenetic inheritance: Is there a connection between the learned and the innate? (09:45 – 11:15)
Upasna Sharma, Kevin Mitchell, Isabelle Mansuy, Oded Rechavi

S36 – Hall B – Neural circuits for context-dependent defensive behaviors in mice and flies (09:45 – 11:15)
Tiago Branco, Tihana Jovanic, Philip Tovote, Clara Ferreira

S37 – Hall C – Engrams, circuits and biochemical reorganization for remote memory consolidation (09:45 – 11:15)
Takashi Kitamura, Gisella Vetere, Tomas Ryan, Laura DeNardo

S38 – Hall D – Unravelling the Role of the Gut Microbiome in Addiction (09:45 – 11:15)
Carina Carbia, Benjamin Boutrel, Lorenzo Leggio, Nathalie Delzenne

S35 – Hall E – Autoantibodies in Brain Pathophysiology (09:45 – 11:15)
Josep Dalmau, Ana Luisa Carvalho, Lonnie Wollmuth, laurent groc

S39 – Hall F – Revisiting sensory cortices: implications for diverse cognitive processing (09:45 – 11:15)
Pieter Roelfsema, Nathalie Rochefort, Alexandra Libby, Abhishek Banerjee

S33 – Hall G – Perturbation-based neuroconnectomics: principles and applications across species (09:45 – 11:15)
Thomas Clandinin, Alessandro Gozzi, Anna Wang Roe, Emiliano Santarnecchi

S34 – Hall H – Cytoskeleton dynamics in neuronal development (09:45 – 11:15)
Martin Harterink, Coralie Fassier, Ana Rita Costa, Monika Leischner-Brill

S47 – Hall A – Astrocytes control brain circuits underlying behavior (15:45 – 17:15)
João Filipe Oliveira, Marta Navarrete, Alfonso Araque, Inbal Goshen

S44 – Hall B – Social Cognition… Beyond Social Interactions (15:45 – 17:15)
Cristina Marquez, Christian Keysers, Ewelina Knapska, Francesco Papaleo

S41 – Hall C – Decoding the prefrontal circuits of cognitive flexibility (15:45 – 17:15)
Marie Carlen, Kathleen Cho, Julio Martinez, Daniel Durstewitz

S48 – Hall D – Hippocampal perineuronal nets in schizophrenia and depression: opposing or complementary roles? (15:45 – 17:15)
Katherine Conant, Andreas Faissner, Vivien Chevaleyre, Hannah Clarke

S45 – Hall E – The newborn brain: unraveling the interplay between early activity and network development (15:45 – 17:15)
Roustem Khazipov, Charlie Demené, Rebeccah Slater, Petra Hüppi

S43 – Hall F – More than a relay: neuronal circuit dynamics in the visual thalamus across internal states (15:45 – 17:15)
Laura Busse, Judith Hirsch, Mark Andermann, Santiago Rompani

S46 – Hall G – Barriers and hopes for functional restoration after traumatic CNS injury (15:45 – 17:15)
Frank Bradke, Karthik Shekhar, Jessica Whited, Aya Takeoka

S42 – Hall H – Specifying neuronal connectivity across species (15:45 – 17:15)
Jean-Luis Bessereau, Thomas Biederer, Michela Matteoli, Camin Dean

Wednesday, 13 July S56 – Hall C – Thinking outside the box: alternative targets and strategies for addiction (09:45 – 11:15)
Mickaël Degoulet, Patricia Janak, Serge Ahmed, Marco Venniro

S50 – Hall B – Circuits for motor control: moving from the cortex to the spinal cord and back (09:45 – 11:15)
Megan Carey, Ian Duguid, Ariel Levine, Graziana Gatto

S54 – Hall E – Common mechanisms of brain-body interactions across humans and animal models (09:45 – 11:15)
Catherine Tallon-Baudry, Micah Allen, Yoav Livneh, Monica Dus

S52 – Hall D – Hippocampal plasticity along the dorsoventral axis: implications for psychiatric diseases (09:45 – 11:15)
Michael Drew, Christine Denny, Denis David, Eero Castren

S55 – Hall A – Modulating repeat expansions as a therapeutic avenue in Tandem Repeat Disorders (09:45 – 11:15)
Vincent Dion, Karen Usdin, Irina Antonijevic, Nicole Deglon

S51 – Hall F – Brain adaptation and mental health through a social transactional lens (09:45 – 11:15)
Eamon McCrory, Charlotte Cecil, Carmen Sandi, Bernet Elzinga

S53 – Hall G – Olfactory-driven behaviors and their representations in the brain (09:45 – 11:15)
Cindy Poo, Carl Schoonover, Priyanka Gupta, Venkatesh Murthy

S49 – Hall H – Building cortical networks from development to adulthood (09:45 – 11:15)
Joris de Wit, Beatriz Rico, Simon Butt, Cécile Charrier