Esteemed colleagues, dear friends,

It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the FENS Forum 2022, in Paris, France. We are deeply honoured and excited to have you here. It has been a long time since we were able to see each other in person at the Forum.

This year’s Forum offers neuroscientists from around the world the opportunity to meet, debate and learn from each other. Sharing knowledge is one of the key elements of scientific research. New ideas arise from listening to presentations, but also during informal talks, facilitated by the backdrop of Paris, one of the most beautiful cities that one can have the privilege to discover. 

As expected, Paris proved to be a kind and generous host, as a result of the outstanding support and determination of Société des Neurosciences in making the FENS Forum 2022 not only the biggest FENS Forum ever, but also the largest neuroscience event ever organised in Europe. We want to take this opportunity to thank Société des Neurosciences for helping FENS organise this meeting, as none of this would have been possible without their aid.

As the 2020 Forum was held virtually, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that the 2022 gathering will erase the distance set between us and re-unite us, as the strong community we are. We have prepared a lively celebration of neuroscience, with a rich programme, full of lectures and special interest events covering diverse topics, doubled by networking and social activities.

We are excited to meet you again at the FENS Forum 2022 and rebuild our connection with our continuously growing neuroscience family, debate over research, network and develop collaborations.

Bienvenue à Paris! Welcome to Paris!

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Jean-Antoine Girault

FENS President

Angela Roberts_FENS Forum 2022 Programme Committee Chair

Angela Roberts

Chair of the Programme Committee

Picture of Alain Chedotal, Chair of the Host Society Committee, FENS Forum 2022, taking place in Paris, 9-13 July

Alain Chédotal

Chair of the Host Society Committee